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Laurent Clermont / Director & Creative

Creature stare down Bin Bin


In the context of the Pictoplasma Berlin festival 2018, a call for entries was organised under the theme, #characterstaredown. The goal was to present a character, make eye contact and hypnotise the audience. Out of numerous online submissions, few character had the chance to be selected and be showcased in exhibitions and on the big screen during the Festival.

The creature BinBin was among the lucky few.


This contest happened while i was learning the basics of Blender. I decided to take over the challenge and test the software with a rather simple design.

Production took three days outside office hours.

I used the free community based render farm sheepit in order to render all the frames in a record time.


Was great fun to participate to the Pictoplasma festival and see the audience reacting to Binbin intense stare down.


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