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About the project

[vc_column_text]The 100,000 most active Nike+ members received a personalized animation for the new year 2015.
Each of the 100.000 films are created using location, weather, activity and individual Nike+ movement data.
Meaning a runner from Toronto would receive a completely different film to an NTC user in New York.

In addition to the personalized films for members, we created additional films honoring the achievements of four key cities and North America as a whole.

1,500 hand crafted unique animation clips populated a custom cloud render system, which then rendered over 125,000,000 frames of animation (59 days worth) to construct the final 100,000 animations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"]

How we did it

Case film

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Users video

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Meet the team



Client: Nike

Directed by Laurent Clermont
Agency: AKQA portland
Agency producer: Katie Reardon
Illustration by McBess
Production: Bläck studios

Creative Director - Whitney Jenkins
Senior Creative - Aaron Seymour-Anderson
Associate Creative Director - Brett Reese
Producer - Katie Reardon
Senior Creative - Thom Lovegrove
General Manager - Jonathan Hum
Copywriter - Tahirah Byfield
Managing Director - Brian Skahan
Senior Account Director - Justin Micklish
Senior Strategist - Ben Taylor
Senior Project Manager - Lora Guillotte
Technical Delivery Manager - Edd Bignell

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bläck Studios - Stockholm, Sweden
Director - Laurent Clermont
Illustrator - Matthieu “Mcbess" Bessudo
Executive Producer - Jörgen Lilja
Line Producer - Teza Holmberg
Production Coordinator - Fredrik Jureen
VFX Supervisor - Calle Granström
Lead Animator - Jonas Ekstrand
3D Lead - Simon Rainerson
Comp Artist - Håkan Ossian
Comp Artist - Jonas Manell
Comp Artist - Henrik Klein
Comp Artist - Peter Blomstrand
Comp Artist - Viktor Andersson
Illustrator - Love Gunnarsson
Illustrator - Madde Sandell
2D Generalist - Kristian Zarins
2D Animator - Vic Chhun
2D Animator - Marcus Melin
2D Clean Up - Leyla Kayddoura
3D Modeling - Erik Rönnblom
3D Modeling - Jonas Skoog
3D Modeling - Kristian Mårtensson
3D Modeling - Andreas Mielonen
3D Modeling - Laura Andersen
3D Animator - Laura Trespoli
3D Animator - Jonas Schild
3D Animator - Andreas Rohde
3D Animator - Ed Sheerwood
3D Animator - Janak Thakker
3D Rigging - Peter Jemstedt
3D Render - Chris Judkins
3D Render- Anders Nystedt
3D Render - Henrik Eklundh
Technical Director - Erik Johansson
IT - Thomas Ericsson
2nd Production Coordinator- Claudia Balboa

Animation Render Backend: Statue.se

Project Lead - Tom Liljeholm
Rendering Lead - Andrei Fokau
Cloud Lead - Daniel Sundström
Systems Lead - Staffan Rosenberg
Research, Q&A - Adam Bodérus

Music by: Marmorset - Portland, Oregon

Sound Design: Red Pipe - Stockholm, Sweden
Sound Design & Mix: Ulf Blomqvist
Sound Design: Fredrik Lantz
Sound Design: Annika Hedlund
Sound Project Manager: Tobias Norman[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]